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The Sonic Cleaner

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  • The Sonic Cleaner is our latest innovation, bringing you the power of ultrasonic cleaning in a small and lightweight device. Simply add water, drop in your night guard, hit the button and 5 minutes of gentle yet extremely effective cleaning commences.

    The Sonic Cleaner is perfect for your night guard, retainer, aligner, sports guard, or mouth gadgets of any kind. As a bonus, use it for a surprisingly sparkly and effective clean for jewelry, watches, glasses, razers, even toothbrush heads.

one-touch 5 minute clean

42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves

360° deep clean



Cleaning via ultrasonic sound waves allows an incredibly effective clean while being extremely gentle. It's a physical cleaning process, meaning it mechanically and physically dislodges and removes debris, contaminants, grime via millions of exploding bubbles. It's like scrubbing your night guard with a toothbrush - if you had a million tiny toothbrushes hitting all the nooks and crannies at over 4,300 times a second.

Quite a lot of things. It's great for all your mouth gadgets of course (night guards, sports guards, retainers, aligners, dentures, etc), but also great for jewelry, watches, razers, combs, makeup tools, even nail clippers. The only thing we don't recommend cleaning is anything with metal that can tarnish in water, or any objects that might bleed color. Try cleaning your jewelry with a dash of dish soap and you can thank us later.

Not at all. The unique nature of SoniClean™ technology allows it to be completely non-abrasive. While it is a physical clean, it's extremely gentle and does not rely on any kind of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning. It's designed to safely clean a variety of materials, from metals and plastics.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend pairing our Fizzies cleaning tablets (or other over the counter tablets) for an even more powerful clean to help lift any stubborn buildup or light stains.

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    Chomper Labs The Sonic Cleaner Review

    Ok this is really cool

    So I got this for the night guard obviously but this thing is ADDICTING to use. Hear me out - they advertise that this can be used on other things too so I gave it a shot. I started with a minor piece of jewelry, a small diamond earring. Followed their directions and added a touch of dish soap. It came out SPARKLING. Time to level up - I then put my wedding ring and a bracelet in and it literally removed some grit and dirt that was trapped underneath the diamond (you can see it in the dirty water)! I grabbed my husband's watch and dropped it in too and the water seriously became gray and murky after the deep clean. Totally worth it from the perspective that you get to deep clean so many things. TRY IT!

    Freya M.
    Chomper Labs The Sonic Cleaner Review

    Glad I got it!

    Great little device! It does its job well, leaving my night guard noticeably cleaner. Really easy to use too, some of the other ones out there are too overengineered, just pop the lid on, hit the button and let it do its thing. A reliable addition to my hygiene regimen.

    Mei S.

    Not for hardened calcium

    This does a great job but just a heads up if you have any hardened calcium on the night guard, this won't remove it. Still, I would recommend it for weekly cleaning and it's a really nice bonus this can clean lot of other things too such as jewelry, etc.

    Aiden L.

    Super easy to use

    This thing is very very easy to use and yet it works well. Just drop your night guard in and hit the button and it makes this buzzing sound for a few minutes. You can actually see the vibrations in the water doing the cleaning. I don't use it with their cleaning tablets but some store bought ones but it still works well. I'm a college student in a shared dorm and my rooomate uses it too for his aligner lol

    Omar K.