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The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack)

46 reviews
  • Say hello to a fresher, cleaner night guard and goodbye to bacteria and stains. The perfect companion for your night guard, our custom formulated tablet works within minutes to kill 99% of odor-causing bacteria. Drop one in along with your night guard and let the fizzy bubbles work their magic. Minty fresh and squeaky clean, just how a night guard’s supposed to be.

    - Get over 1 year's worth of weekly cleanings with one 60 pack -
  • Drop a tablet in warm water, add your night guard, and let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly and enjoy your clean and minty fresh night guard. We recommend a weekly deep clean, or more frequently if needed.

  • Sodium bicarbonate, potassium monopersulfate, citric acid, PEG-150, sodium laurylsulfate, sodium benzoate, TAED, peppermint

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    Bethany SVG verified by SHOP
    United States United States

    Excellent when paired with their sonic cleaner

    I picked this up with their new product, the sonic cleaner, and I gotta say it works really well. I've had this same NG for maybe year and half now and I find that if I do this every few days, it really makes it feel like new. It actually kinda polishes the NG if that makes any sense. Nice and shiny and clean after so I'm a fan.

    Sofia D.

    Helps with bad breath too

    Would highly recommend these. I tend to have bad breath and need to use a tongue scraper in the mornings and ever since using these once weekly, I feel like I don't need to do that anymore. Will pickup another next time they're on sale

    Jacob T.

    It works

    Nothing to complain about

    Manila J.
    Chomper Labs The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack) Review

    Effortless cleaning

    Using these tablets is hassle-free, they dissolve fast and effectively clean my night guard, making it a routine I can stick to without any extra effort. I leave a mason jar on my bathroom and just throw one in every few days when I shower. Great for busy schedules!

    Malik P.

    Good for maintenance

    A friend told me about these even though my night guard is from elsewhere, but these did a great job. I think it's more about the maintenance, better to keep the night guard squeaky clean and fresh, instead of letting get really nasty and assume they can resurrect it.

    Francesa Y.

    Different packaging?

    These work really well but my box came a bit damaged. Would recommend the company use something else to ship it in!

    Diya M.

    Chomper Labs

    Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into using stronger shipping packaging in the future


    Effective, with a small issue

    These tablets effectively clean my night guard, but I wish they dissolved a bit faster. Sometimes, I find traces of the tablet residue, though it doesn't affect the cleaning results much.

    Diego R.
    Josh M.

    Great results but lingering taste?

    The tablets clean my night guard effectively, but I've noticed they can leave a slight taste that lingers for a while. Other than that, they work wonderfully in keeping my guard clean.

    Leila G.

    Better than drugstores

    I used to use the over the counter ones from CVS but like these better. I think the minty scent could be a bit strong for some but I really like it!

    Shar F.
    Chomper Labs The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack) Review

    Reliable cleaning

    Super reliable, I use them weekly or sometimes every other day to really brighten and refresh the retainer. You guys know what I'm talking about in the morning when you wake up with bad breath from a retainer hat hasn't been cleaned for a while. I find that these do a good job at lightening up some of the yellow stains. In the photo you can see the just cleaned retainer at the top and my extra that I keep as backup that I don't clean very often. It's subtle but the top one is definitely cleaner and less yellow!

    Jin H.

    5 Stars

    Good as an accessory for your night guard

    Srini M.
    Chomper Labs The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack) Review

    The best!

    These cleaning tablets are a godsend! They're gentle on my night guard yet tough on the nasty stuff. I love putting the night guard in after a deep soak in these. Really affordable too especially if you get them when they have a sale!

    Tia P.
    Chomper Labs The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack) Review

    Almost Perfect

    These cleaning tablets work really well, leaving my night guard mostly clean. Occasionally, I've noticed a faint slick residue after using them but I just give them a proper rinse after and it's good. Overall, they do a good job leaving my night guard fresh.

    Amara T.

    Good solution

    I'm satisfied with how well these tablets clean my night guard. They're not anything crazy, but they get the job done without any fuss. A reliable cleaning solution for sure.

    Kay R.

    Good for travel

    I'm a consultant and travel for work weekly so it's really nice how they come in strips of 3. I always keep a strip of 3 in my dopp bag to remind me to use them. The convenience and effectiveness make these tablets worth every penny.

    Julian R.

    Not bad

    Gets the job done but it's just ok to me - maybe I should try to use it more frequently

    Kayla H.

    Surprisingly effective

    I've had my original night guard from these guys for a year and a half now and finally got these and were surprised that it really helped remove some of the smell (don't judge me). It may have lightened the stains a bit too

    Jovon R.

    Love em!

    I love these! I usually pop them in a small glass before I shower and they're good to go and minty fresh clean for waer right afterwards. Woudl recommend them for sure!

    Megan D.