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The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack)

63 reviews
  • Say hello to a fresher, cleaner night guard and goodbye to bacteria and stains. The perfect companion for your night guard, our custom formulated tablet works within minutes to kill 99% of odor-causing bacteria. Drop one in along with your night guard and let the fizzy bubbles work their magic. Minty fresh and squeaky clean, just how a night guard’s supposed to be.

    - Get over 1 year's worth of weekly cleanings with one 60 pack -
  • Drop a tablet in warm water, add your night guard, and let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly and enjoy your clean and minty fresh night guard. We recommend a weekly deep clean, or more frequently if needed.

  • Sodium bicarbonate, potassium monopersulfate, citric acid, PEG-150, sodium laurylsulfate, sodium benzoate, TAED, peppermint

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    Never got to use them because I could get the night guard molding tray to work right.

    Beth SVG verified by SHOP
    United States United States

    Ultimate Freshness

    These tablets leave my night guard feeling super fresh and clean. The minty scent is a nice touch too. Fantastic product!

    Jonah V.

    Morning Routine Savior

    I pop a tablet in a glass before my shower, and by the time I'm done, my night guard is spotless. Perfect for busy mornings!

    Noah F.

    Almost Perfect

    I love how clean my night guard gets with these tablets. The only downside is the slight aftertaste if I don't rinse thoroughly. Overall, very effective!

    Olivia E.

    Fantastic Results Every Time

    I’m consistently impressed with the results of these cleaning tablets. Every time I use them, my night guard comes out looking and smelling fantastic. They effectively remove any buildup and leave a pleasant minty freshness. The tablets are easy to use and very convenient. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to keep their night guard in perfect condition.

    Peter Z.

    Great for Regular Use

    I use these tablets weekly, and they do an excellent job keeping my night guard clean and fresh. Couldn’t be happier.

    Quinn D.

    Great Cleaner with minor issue

    These tablets are great at cleaning my night guard, but sometimes leave a slight residue if not fully rinsed off. Still, they do an excellent job overall. I recommend lightly brushign them under running water at the end.

    Ryan B.

    Effortless cleaning

    These tablets make cleaning my night guard effortless. Just drop one in in a glass or cup, and it does all the work.

    Sophia A.

    Pretty good?

    These cleaning tablets are easy to use and work well. Sometimes I need to use a brush for stubborn spots, but they generally do a good job.

    Tyler V.
    Chomper Labs The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack) Review

    Excellent for Daily Use

    I’ve been using these cleaning tablets daily, and they’ve made a huge difference. My night guard stays clean and fresh, and I no longer worry about any lingering bacteria. The instructions are straightforward, and the results are consistently impressive. The minty freshness is a great bonus, and I feel more confident about my oral hygiene. Highly recommended for anyone with a night guard!

    Zoe O.

    Probably the best one out there

    These cleaning tablets are the best solution I’ve found for keeping my night guard clean. They dissolve quickly and thoroughly clean my guard, removing any buildup and leaving it minty fresh. I’ve tried other products like the cheaper walgreens ones, but nothing compares to the effectiveness of these tablets. They’re easy to use and ensure my night guard is hygienic and ready to use every night. Absolutely love them!

    Aaron Y.

    Effective but Pricey

    They work really well, but I find them a bit pricey for regular use. However, they keep my night guard spotless and fresh, so I continue to buy them.

    Bella I.

    A Must-Have for Night Guards

    These cleaning tablets are a must-have. They make maintaining my night guard so easy. Definitely worth every penny!

    Cole U.

    Impressed with the Results

    My night guard is sparkling clean every time I use these. I noticed it really removes bad breath which I get from the night guard after about a week or so. Highly recommended!

    Daisy Q.

    Convenient but Costly

    These tablets are super convenient and do a fantastic job, but I find them a bit on the pricey side. Worth it for the convenience, though. I recommend getting these during the few sales they have during major holidays

    Ethan X.

    Highly recommended if you're a germaphobe like me

    I highly recommend these cleaning tablets to anyone looking to keep their night guard in top condition. They’re incredibly easy to use—just drop one in water and let it do its job. My night guard always comes out looking and smelling great. It’s reassuring to know that it’s clean and free of bacteria. These tablets have made my nightly routine so much simpler and more effective.

    Freya W.

    Reliable and Effective

    These tablets are reliable and effective. My night guard always comes out looking pristine. Highly recommend them!

    George K.

    Super freshhh

    My night guard is minty fresh and clean after using these. Honestly don't know if they're any cleaner lol, but I love the mintyness

    Hailey J.

    Excellent when paired with their sonic cleaner

    I picked this up with their new product, the sonic cleaner, and I gotta say it works really well. I've had this same NG for maybe year and half now and I find that if I do this every few days, it really makes it feel like new. It actually kinda polishes the NG if that makes any sense. Nice and shiny and clean after so I'm a fan.

    Sofia D.

    Helps with bad breath too

    Would highly recommend these. I tend to have bad breath and need to use a tongue scraper in the mornings and ever since using these once weekly, I feel like I don't need to do that anymore. Will pickup another next time they're on sale

    Jacob T.