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The Fizzies Night Guard Cleaning Tablets (60 pack)

11 reviews
  • Say hello to a fresher, cleaner night guard and goodbye to bacteria and stains. The perfect companion for your night guard, our custom formulated tablet works within minutes to kill 99% of odor-causing bacteria. Drop one in along with your night guard and let the fizzy bubbles work their magic. Minty fresh and squeaky clean, just how a night guard’s supposed to be.

    - Get over 1 year's worth of weekly cleanings with one 60 pack -
  • Drop a tablet in warm water, add your night guard, and let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly and enjoy your clean and minty fresh night guard. We recommend a weekly deep clean, or more frequently if needed.

  • Sodium bicarbonate, potassium monopersulfate, citric acid, PEG-150, sodium laurylsulfate, sodium benzoate, TAED, peppermint

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    Great cleaner and customer care!

    This was a super effective tool for cleaning my hard night guard! A few soaks and brushing really cleared out the dried up stuff. Their customer service team was also extremely helpful!!

    Sara M.

    Very nice

    This works really well, I've bought some extra for my grandkids

    Marcell S.

    Good stuff!!

    I found Chomper Labs after getting some orthodontic work and my dentist was saying just to brush with toothpaste. Not great advice! The retainers wouldn't actually stay clean (won't get into details lol). After using this, they're staying super clean with zero effort. Love it!

    Claire T.

    Really effective

    My old night guard would start getting yellow after about 6 months of wear, but cleaning with these once a week has helped make sure it's nice and shiny even a year in

    Jayson B.

    A good investment

    A bit pricey but I'd say its a good invesment, loving these so far!

    Cassie R.

    Works well!

    I have had a retainer for about 15 years and never knew there was a cleaner for this, just used toothpaste or peroxide. I love this product! My retainers come out clear and plaque free

    Brian T.

    Been waiting for this!!

    I'm a big fan of their night guards and have been waiting for this to be released since they teased this awhile back. It's been delayed a couple times, I think due to covid, but I'm glad they took their time. I appreciate a company that takes its time to get the product right rather than rushing it. So far, these work the best out of anything else I've tried. They're a bit pricier than other alternatives but I'm willing to pay more for something that works. Just soak for 20-30 minutes and rinse well. No aftertaste, just a shiny crystal clear night guard. I'd recommend 10/10!

    Katy G.

    Big difference after just one use!

    I decided to purchase these when Chomper Labs launched these as an accessory to their retainers. My retainers are a bit yellow from being neglected for a year or so so I decided to do a deep clean. I soaked it for about 4 hours, then brushed it genetly with a toothbrush, getting into the crevices with the solution. I rinsed off and then did aother soak with a new tablet for a couple hours. Rinsed that off and what a difference. I wish I took before and after pics, but the little stain spots were gone and overall it was less yellow, though not completely crystal clear. When you use an appliance like this every single night, you start to really notice the little things and one thing I noticed was how smooth this made the retainer when you're wearing it. Overall, don't expect this to miraculously turn your yellow retainer into a crystal clear one but this is a must have for hygiene and good oral practice. Start cleaning your retainers people!!

    Marsha S.

    Better than the drugstore versions

    I've always bought the cheapo version from the drugstore. I've only tried these once but so far they already seem to clean better. My night guard is noticeably clearer after a good 15 minute soak. I'll update my review after I get more time with them.

    Jake T.

    Really works!

    This is my first time getting any type of cleaning solution for my mouth guard and it does the trick. I use it once a week as instructed and it really does get rid of any odors and leaves it nice and shiny. Also has a nice subtle minty scent to it.

    Josh M.

    Good so far

    I got them fast and so far, they work really well. You'll notice the difference even if you just soak it for 5-10 minutes. I definitely should be using more than I do..

    Julian R.