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The Hard Night Guard - for heavy teeth grinding and clenching

136 reviews
Upper or Lower

The Hard Night Guard

The Hard Night Guard is our strongest and most durable night guard designed and suited for heavy grinders and clenchers. The rigid surface acts as a extremely effective protective barrier for grinding forces of your teeth and is made out of a hard elasticized copolyester material, approximately 2mm thick. Due to the rigid nature of the material, it will be a tighter fit and therefore slightly less comfortable than other types, but will provide the strongest protection and durability from grinding.

What You'll Get 

  • A complete impression kit with instructions and pre-paid return mailer
  • A professionally made custom night guard that fits your teeth perfectly
  • Light blue custom plastic case for your night guard
  • Fast and free all-inclusive 3 way shipping

Our Guarantees

    We're a professional dental lab in Northern California and have a combined dental experience of 10+ years. Rest assured that we provide:
    • A Perfect Fit Promise - if it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll adjust or remake it for you until it does, free of charge
    • 100 Days / 100 Percent if you don't like the night guard whether for fit or comfort, let us know within 100 days and we'll refund you 100%, no questions asked
    • 6 Months Grind Free Warranty - if you break or grind through your night guard within 6 months of purchase, we'll replace it for you free of charge

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I choose between upper or lower?

        Great question! This is really up to you, and mostly a matter of personal preference.

        Most people find the Upper night guard to be slightly more comfortable since it's less in the way of the tongue. For a better fit, we also recommend choosing the set of teeth that is straighter or has had less dental work done.

        How long does it take to receive my night guard?

        You can generally expect your custom made night guard to land on your doorstep about a week or so after we receive your impression. 

        We take about 2-3 business days to create your night guard and another 3-4 days for shipping. Shipping is free all 3 ways but if you'd like to speed things up, there are faster shipping options at checkout or you can take advantage of the Fast Track option, where we can turnaround your night guard within 24 hours. Please expect minor delays during peak holiday times.

        How long will it last?

        Great question, but tricky to answer. This really depends on how heavily you grind or clench your teeth and which night guard you choose.

        Depending on your level of grinding, your night guard can last anywhere from six months to as long as 6+ years. That's why it's important to choose the best version of the night guard to properly match your grinding or clenching. As an extra guarantee, if your night guard does wear out within 6 months, the replacement is on us!

        Customer Reviews
        4.8 Based on 136 Reviews
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          Customer for life

          I've spent well over 1k purchasing night guards over the years directly from the dentist. I have a pretty severe grinding issue, so every time I lose or break one, I have to replace it quickly. My first guard from Chomper Labs was so lightweight and comfy I almost couldn't believe it. It also didn't break. The newer guard is post wisdom teeth removal and somehow even more comfy than the 1st one! And this is the hard material guard. After messing up my impression on the newest guard, I couldn't be more impressed with the interaction I had with the Chomper Labs team. Great product. Excellent service. Doesn't get better than that. You have a customer for life.

          Mika B.

          I am a heavy grinder and this is the only night guard that I can sleep through out the night. The customer service is knowledgeable and helpful in assisting me to pick the right thickness. The turnaround time was fast and was updated every step on the way. The night guard is comfortable and sturdy which fits perfectly!

          Vida C.
          United States United States
          Excellent!!!!! Highly Recommend

          I have had occlusal guards years. I am such a powerful grinder that I grind through them and need a new one at least every two years. My insurance only covers one in a life time. So, I have been paying my dentist for the additional guards. Trying to save money, I ordered a kit from Chomper Labs. The communication was excellent and the steps were simple to make the mold of my teeth. I have to say that the workmanship is equal if not BETTER from Chomper Labs. The plastic is smooth and the impression fit well. I am so happy I took the chance to do this on my own and not through my dentist. Thank you for saving me money!!!!

          michelle B.
          United States United States
          Just Buy It

          I have TMJ and clench my teeth all of the time. I’ve bought every over the counter mouth guard available and bit through most of them. I’ve been to 6 specialists in the Houston area and they all promised to help...for $9k+ out of pocket. I received my Chomper guard over a week ago. At first it was really tight and made my teeth sore, but I decided to give it a full seven days before sending it back. Now it fits perfectly. My jaw doesn’t hurt anymore. Ever. My daily headaches are gone. If you’re struggling, get this night guard. It’s a game changer.

          Cali F.
          United States United States

          After going through DOZENS of mouth guards - some of them $50 or more, and having them break in the middle of the night - sometimes only days after purchasing them, we are having very good luck with Chomper Labs. They are comfortable and sturdy. Thank you for a great product!!

          Cruz E.
          United States United States
          Chomper Labs The Hard Night Guard - for heavy teeth grinding and clenching Review
          RDA approved

          I'm a RDA (registered dental assistant), and the fact that I'm buying my night guards from these guys should tell you a lot. I'm super impressed with the craft and quality of this night guard. It's actually BETTER than what we provide our patients. Stays on snug, the perfect thickness so it's comfy yet durable, and you can tell the material they use isn't the cheap made in china stuff some other online retailers sell. I'm a customer for life - highly recommend!!

          Josephine W.
          Easy, fast, helpful.

          This was great! I paid ~$500 on my last mouth guard and this process was so easy and low-maintenance and most of all: cheap and high quality. Thank you!

          Katherine B.
          United States United States
          This is perfect.

          I have had this nightguard about six months now and could not be happier. My last one was bulky, thick and brittle, but this one from Chomper Labs is barely noticeable. No cracks or breaks, it still looks new. My teeth thank you.

          A Chomper Labs Customer
          Lisa C.
          United States United States
          This is wonderful!

          Works beautifully and is well made. I love this night guard! So great to get this kind of quality at a more affordable price than through the dentist's office.

          Becky E.
          United States United States

          This is an amazing product. It is a perfect fit and so much more comfortable than the over the counter brands. I would like a second just as a backup because I do not want to go back to the old ones!!

          Wendy H.
          Canada Canada
          Better price better material

          I lost $5000 not wearing a night guard. I ground 2 teeth to the point of breaking them. It cost almost 5k for 2 crowns. My dentist also explained to me that with a typical night guard, cause it’s “bouncy” or spongy, it can cause more jaw pain due to clenching. What I love about chopper labs night guard, is that the material does no allow for more clenching. It is hard enough to protect from clenching and grinding and is quite comfortable. It is not bulky either so you can close your mouth. Would definitely recommend and will buy again if I chew through this one.

          Heidi F.
          United States United States
          Wry satisfied customer

          It took me two rounds but I'm very pleased with the outcome.

          Rodney L.
          United States United States

          Great experience so far. Love the night guard and the slim, streamlined fit...I can actually speak with it in! However, I never received cleaning tabs that were supposed to come with my order...at least that’s what the literature stated. I’d still appreciate receiving those.

          Chad C.
          United States United States
          Hard night gurard is perfect

          I purchased the hard night guard and it is a perfect fit. It stays in place and does not bother me when I sleep. I have even forgot to take in out before getting into the shower in the morning!

          Stanley M.
          United States United States
          Chomper Labs The Hard Night Guard - for heavy teeth grinding and clenching ReviewChomper Labs The Hard Night Guard - for heavy teeth grinding and clenching Review
          The Best EVER

          I cannot thank Chomper Labs enough! I have invested 10s of thousands of dollars in my mouth; and spent hundreds on mouth guards that didn’t last a month. This is where you need to come for your night guard needs - trust me - a stranger to you, but a living expert in trying to have the best mouth possible!

          Leslie C.
          United States United States
          Perfect fit!

          I was skeptical of ordering a night guard online. How would it fit? What it comes in and doesn't fit? Would it be durable enough? Well I'm pleased to say the impressions worked great and I'm very pleased with the finished product. When I received the mouth guard it was a little tight, but as mentioned in the instructions it does loosen up to fit your teeth correctly. Additionally, the strength of the guard appears to be great! I had a guard from the dentist, but I continued to break it and it became irreparable. I couldn't see paying another $700, just to have the guard break again. Additionally, I couldn't continue to use the cheap rubber guards, because I was going through those weekly. So, it's only been week 4, but I am hopeful this guard will last me a long time. It's comfortable, not bulky and fits perfectly.

          Melissa H.
          United States United States
          Perfect Fit!

          Very happy with my new night guard. The process was easy, instructions were detailed, easy to send impressions back, and quick turnaround to receive my night guard. Extra bonus was the low cost!! When I received my new night guard from chomperlabs, it was a PERFECT fit. Super happy with process and service. Thank you chomperlabs!

          Elaine D.
          United States United States
          Good but not great

          Can tell it won’t last as long as one from dentist. If you are a light or medium grinder it should work great. I’m a heavy one and it’s already pretty nicked up after only a couple of weeks. I got the heaviest version and it is much softer than the one from the dentist that lasted six years.

          christopher c.
          United States United States
          4.5 stars; great bite guard

          After much research, I ended up ordered the heavy grinding top guard from Chomper. Easy instructions, great customer service (answered my questions). As they said, it did fit a bit tight at first, but after a few nights I’ve adjusted. No sore spots on my gums. I’ve worn bite guards from the dentist for years, so this was a big (nervous) change for me. My only wish is that the bite surface would be a bit thicker... I’m afraid I’ll grind through it... but I’m trusting their guarantee if I do too quickly!

          Susanna C.
          United States United States

          Very pleased. Thanks!

          Carol S.
          United States United States