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The Hybrid Night Guard - for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching

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The Hybrid Night Guard

The Hybrid is our most popular night guard and recommended for moderate to  heavy grinders and clenchers. It's made from an unique "dual laminate" material that's soft on the inside and hard on the outside, resulting in a ultra clear night guard that offers excellent protection from grinding yet is comfortable to wear. At 2.5mm, it's slightly thinner than the soft and thicker than the hard but is a "best of both worlds" option that balances comfort and durability. 

What You'll Get 

  • A complete impression kit with instructions and pre-paid return mailer
  • A professionally made custom night guard that fits your teeth perfectly
  • Light blue custom plastic case for your night guard
  • Fast and free all-inclusive 3 way shipping

Our Guarantees

    We're a professional dental lab in Southern California and have 15+ years of combined dental experienceWith us, you'll have:
    • A Perfect Fit Promise - if it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll adjust or remake it for you until it does, free of charge
    • 100 Days / 100 Percent if you don't like the night guard whether for fit or comfort, let us know within 100 days and we'll offer you a refund
    • 6 Months Grind Free Warranty - if you break or grind through your night guard within 6 months of purchase, we'll replace it for you free of charge

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I choose between upper or lower?

        Great question! This is really up to you, and mostly a matter of personal preference.

        Most people find the Upper night guard to be slightly more comfortable since it's less in the way of the tongue. For a better fit, we also recommend choosing the set of teeth that is straighter or has had less dental work done.

        How long does it take to receive my night guard?

        You can generally expect your custom made night guard to land on your doorstep about a week or so after we receive your impression. 

        We take about 2-3 business days to create your night guard and another 3-4 days for shipping. Shipping is free all 3 ways but if you'd like to speed things up, there are faster shipping options at checkout or you can take advantage of the Fast Track option, where we can turnaround your night guard within 24 hours. Please expect minor delays during peak holiday times.

        How long will it last?

        Great question, but tricky to answer. This really depends on how heavily you grind or clench your teeth and which night guard you choose.

        Depending on your level of grinding, your night guard can last anywhere from six months to as long as 6+ years. That's why it's important to choose the best version of the night guard to properly match your grinding or clenching. As an extra guarantee, if your night guard does wear out within 6 months, the replacement is on us!

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          Keeps my jaw from hurting

          Since I got my wisdom teeth removed, I've clinched me teeth when I sleep. I've woken up with the worst pain in my jaw and I've tried many other night guard brands and this is by far my favorite. It fits perfectly and when there was a problem with my initial impression, they contacted me and asked me how I wanted to go forward instead of other companies who just made the night guard and sent it to me with errors and wanted me to pay full price again to fix it. This company so far has been amazing through the entire process and once I need it replaced, I will be coming back.

          Saraya S.
          United States United States

          More Affordable and Better Than the Dentist's

          I had to get my first night guard a couple months ago for night grinding. I went through my dentist and the night guard cost me $350. They took the molds in office and when I got the night guard it was very uncomfortable and hurt really bad. I woke up the first night in agonizing pain and HAD to remove it. The mold rocked in my mouth. The dentist tried to fix it but it just wasn't done right. I guess my dog told me to get some new ones cause she dug through the night stand and destroyed the case and the guard. Not willing to pay another $350 for more pain I tried out Chomperlabs. Game changer! It is super comfy to wear, stays in place, and roughly half the price than the dentist for the same quality! Very satisfied will be ordering again when I need another!

          Shyanne S.
          United States United States

          Jaw-droppingly Good

          I’ve used night guards for over 12 yrs, which I’ve usually gotten custom made by dentists. But with a change in insurance, and in need of a new night guard, I found myself about to spend $750 on a new one at the dentist. On a whim, I checked if there were any direct-to-consumer options, found Chomper Labs, and gave it at shot. It is incredible what you get for the cost. Easily just as good as what I’ve gotten from the dentist—if not better. The materials are high quality and seem like they’ll be just as durable. It’s a lower-profile, so it’s actually more comfortable to wear. And the at-home impression kit was surprisingly easy to do as well. And best of all, I can’t believe I saved $600. I really couldn’t be happier.

          Nick D.
          United States United States

          Night guard

          Amazing!!! Highly recommend. I really appreciate that you had a small tray for my impression. Most dentists don't offer this and the process for me to get an impression with a tray that is too big for my mouth is awful. I love my nightguard , and it fits perfectly. I love that I can easily order a new one when this wears out!

          Kimberley M.
          United States United States

          Love having grinding freedom

          Chomper does a phenomenal job on helping you save hundreds on a great night guard. If you think you might grind? Don’t waste money and time figuring it out. Try a Chomper and save your jaw and help your teeth last a lifetime! It’s made all the difference for me.

          Sue G.
          United States United States

          Very pleased

          I am a hygienist and know how much a good custom night guard should cost from local dental labs (which is close to the cost of the guard from Chomper). I decided to try a guard from Chomper because our local lab stopped selling hybrids (both soft and hard) and I desperately needed a new guard different from the one I already have (a VERY thick all hard acrylic one). I was beyond impressed with the fit and quality when it came in. I can see where I’ve already been grinding quite a bit, so I’m curious how long this will last, but so far so good. Very comfortable to wear and not too tight but not loose either. Would be happy to recommend to any patient that asks about night guards from Chomper.

          Ashley L.
          United States United States
          Chomper Labs The Hybrid Night Guard - for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching ReviewChomper Labs The Hybrid Night Guard - for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching Review


          From beginning to end my experience has been excellent. It was easy, and fast! My mouth guard is a perfect fit and super comfortable. My husband was sure it wouldn’t fit and that I needed a dentist to make a proper fit. I was insistent there had to be a better less expensive way for me to get a quality mouth guard. I was right and Chomper Labs was the way. I love my new mouth guard and highly recommend them! Cut out the high priced middle man (your dentist) and get the guard for less than half what you would pay from a dentist. So happy with my purchase, thank you!

          Sama H.
          United States United States

          I’m Amazed...

          I am amazed at the difference this mouth guard has made for me. I had been grinding my teeth and having jaw pain. I bought a guard at the drugstore but was still having problems with my jaw. Out of desperation ordered from Chomper Labs a custom night guard. It fits like a glove, very comfortable and my jaw pain is all but gone.

          Sunny E.
          United States United States


          This product is fantastic. I was using the mouth guards you boil and mold yourself and I was still waking up with migraines from grinding my teeth and they were so uncomfortable. This mold has already made a difference in how I sleep. I chose the hybrid because I feel I grind pretty hard and it has a tougher material than I thought but I think it is what's needed if you grind your teeth pretty badly. Will update my review if anything changes with time but so far, so good! Much more affordable than getting one from the dentist. I have good dental insurance and I was still quoted $250 for a mouth guard.


          Great choice!

          I decided to go with Chompers for my night guard because it was so much more affordable than the dentist. I am so glad I did! I still got a custom fit, and a great night guard, more comfortable than the one I used to have from the dentist. I felt my care was very individualized, even to the point of having me do a second mold (without extra cost) to make sure it was perfect, and checking back with me to see how it was. I was worried about doing something on-line because it couldn't be personal, but it was. I highly recommend Chompers. I am very satisfied.

          Deborah M.
          United States United States

          Outstanding product and Service!!

          My first time with a night guard and Chomper Labs.    The process was so easy to order online without a triup to the dentist.   The instructions included with the mold were easy to understand and it was a simple process and quick. I placed it in the included envelope and returned it in the mail.       Days later my ordered night guard came. I had trouble due to my small mouth getting it to feel comfortable.      I emailed customer service and they kindly suggested a different guard to try and made it with my mold they had on hand with no charge.       A week later the night guard came and it was perfect.     I appreciated the excellent customer service and their willingness to help their customers get an excellent fit!  Highly recommend! 

          Colleen D.
          United States United States

          Love waking up without chewed up cheeks

          I have had severe issues with grinding my teeth since I was little. I have fractured my teeth, and broke enamel of my teeth several times. I have also tried several different mouth guards to protect my teeth at night ... and I have never been able to use them due to the discomfort of them. After spending $2,000.00 on these mouth guards that haven’t helped, I found Chomper Labs. I love this guard! I wake in the morning without bloody cheeks, I sleep all night with the mouth guard (I don’t even notice it’s there) and my headaches are getting better ! In my opinion, it’s a product of high quality worth more than they charge!

          A Chomper Labs Customer
          Trisha H.
          United States United States

          Chomper Labs

          Thanks for the kind words Trisha - we're happy to take care of you!


          Did you say sleep?!

          I cannot rave enough about this! Prior to getting my night guard, my sleep was absolutely horrible. As a Veteran I struggle with “worry sleep” and grinding my teeth on top of that made for long weeks. When days were tough I could tell the next day as I would grind so hard my teeth and jaw would ache. Over these past few years I’ve completely flatten my canine teeth and tore out fillings, leading to extremely sensitive teeth. I had tried it all it seemed like. And I wasnt going to drop thousands of dollars on a night guard at the dentist that was MEGA huge and uncomfortable. Until you!!! And don’t think I didnt review and review until I was blue in the face, I compared against other companies that offered similar products. But every review I came across was fantastic. And those that weren’t, were over things they couldn’t control like shipping or weather. I love the soft inside but protective hard casing. Since wearing I sleep like a baby and fall asleep so fast! For the first time in my year and a half relationship I fell asleep before my boyfriend! Out cold! Thank you for creating this product. You have improved and impacted my life greatly.

          Sarah W.
          United States United States

          Top notch company, that provides exceptional service!!

          I had the BEST experience ordering from Chomper Labs from start to finish!! Prior to ordering my guard I had a few questions which were answered instantly. Once the order is placed you are really kept in the loop on the timeline for its arrival to you. My guard happened to be too tight...I contacted the company and again, immediately, they provided me with some strategies to adjust the guard. Those strategies didn't work, the owner of the company got in touch and ordered a new guard for me. This may sound like a long process, but it was literally about 48hrs. My replacement guard is perfect. They are all about the customer and your happiness. Soooo refreshing. I highly recommend Chomperlabs for a night guard and an overall exceptional experience.

          Doug S.

          Hybrid night guard

          I love my night guard,fits perfectly and has really helped me sleep better at night.

          Cindy S.
          United States United States

          Definitely Making a Difference

          I'm glad Chomper Labs was an option because I could never have afforded a mouth guard from my dentist. And I have been grinding so bad for so long that my bone is coming out of my gum line. It's pretty bad.

          Ginger G.
          United States United States
          Carrie G.
          United States United States

          Jaw pain reliever

          I’ve had a mouth guard that fit well but was not made for grinding. I was starting to have a lot of jaw pain and tension headaches. I have ordered a guard from my dentist in the past but it was way too bulky for me. I took a chance and ordered from Chompers. Easy mail in impression and well fitted guard that has made a difference already. I got the hybrid (softer inside and harder exterior). I’m hoping it will last for a while - I do see marks where my molars grind against it but so far so good.

          Cheri B.
          United States United States

          Better than the dentist

          I’ve had dentist-made night guards for probably close to or over a decade now. My new insurance doesn’t cover them anymore so I was looking for a better option than the $260 out of pocket quoted me at the dentist. So glad I found Chomper Labs. Making the impression was very easy, production was quick, and my night guard is perfect. I really like the Hybrid mix of squishy softer inside and hard outer shell, I feel like it both protects and cushions my teeth from my grinding. And my Chomper guard is way more comfortable than any other guard I’ve had. I have really small teeth and I feel like dentist guards never took that into account, so guards would always cover and rub on my gums, irritating them. My Chomper guard stops below the gum line so my teeth are protected and my gums are happy! I will definitely continue to purchase guards from Chomper Labs. No regrets!

          Corrine J.
          United States United States

          OK for the price

          I grind my teeth at night, and I have cracked several teeth which have had to be removed. So I was motivated to get a nice mouthguard. They are so expensive, so I decided to try this one out. The price was right, and the process for getting a custom fit worked well. However, the mouthguard does not extend far enough back to protect my very back teeth. Also, it is starting to show a lot of wear and tear, and I think I’ve had it about six months. Also, since wearing this mouth guard consistently at night, I did crack another tooth. So I don’t think it’s heavy duty enough for me. I’ve decided to invest in the one that my dentist recommended.

          Leanne G.
          United States United States