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Doing Dental Differently.

Every idea starts with a problem - ours was simple.


That's how much a dentist in San Francisco told our founder James a night guard would cost during a routine visit in 2017. He was grinding his teeth to the point of almost cracking a molar.

He refused to pay, and Chomper Labs was born.

Since then, we've been charting new territory with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal - to provide custom made dental products at revolutionary prices with an amazing experience.

It's not easy - we're going up against the status quo in the dated dental industry. But we know your smile's worth it.


Our Mission

We believe everyone has a fundamental right to healthier and happier teeth, without paying an arm and a leg. Simply put, your teeth deserve the best, your wallet deserves a rest.

Our Lab

We're a full service dental lab in California with a combined experience of 20+ years in the industry. We've provided perfectly fitting custom night guards to hundreds of happy customers.

Our Products

Our night guards are made with the strictest lab compliance and time-tested manufacturing standards. Our materials are also made in the USA or Germany (which differentiates us from other labs), and they're ISO certified, FDA approved, and BPA/latex free.

Our Promise

We value your smile above all.Our 100 day risk-free trial, perfect fit promise, free shipping, and genuine customer service are just some of the ways we show you we care.But don't take our word for it - take a look at some of our happy customers.

How We Do It

Did you know your dentist doesn't actually make the products they sell to you? Instead, they contract out to dental labs like us to make your night guards, among other products.

They then sell it to you at a significant markup, keeping prices artificially high and leaving some people with no options.

By taking the direct-to-consumer approach, we're able to offer you the exact same high quality product at significant savings.

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