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The Soft Night Guard - for light teeth grinders and clenchers

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The Soft Night Guard

The Soft night guard is our most comfortable night guard and recommended for those with either light grinding or light to moderate clenching. It's made from a flexible, rubber-like material that's approximately 3mm thick. The softer material acts as an effective cushion for the clenching forces of your teeth and is more comfortable than the Hard and the Hybrid, but not as durable.

What You'll Get 

  • A complete impression kit with instructions and pre-paid return mailer
  • A professionally made custom night guard that fits your teeth perfectly
  • Light blue custom plastic case for your night guard
  • Fast and free all-inclusive 3 way shipping

Our Guarantees

    We're a professional dental lab in Southern California and have 15+ years of combined dental experienceWith us, you'll have:
    • A Perfect Fit Promise - if it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll adjust or remake it for you until it does, free of charge
    • 100 Days / 100 Percent if you don't like the night guard whether for fit or comfort, let us know within 100 days and we'll offer you a refund
    • 6 Months Grind Free Warranty - if you break or grind through your night guard within 6 months of purchase, we'll replace it for you free of charge

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I choose between upper or lower?

        Great question! This is really up to you, and mostly a matter of personal preference.

        Most people find the Upper night guard to be slightly more comfortable since it's less in the way of the tongue. For a better fit, we also recommend choosing the set of teeth that is straighter or has had less dental work done.

        How long does it take to receive my night guard?

        You can generally expect your custom made night guard to land on your doorstep about a week or so after we receive your impression. 

        We take about 2-3 business days to create your night guard and another 3-4 days for shipping. Shipping is free all 3 ways but if you'd like to speed things up, there are faster shipping options at checkout or you can take advantage of the Fast Track option, where we can turnaround your night guard within 24 hours. Please expect minor delays during peak holiday times.

        How long will it last?

        Great question, but tricky to answer. This really depends on how heavily you grind or clench your teeth and which night guard you choose.

        Depending on your level of grinding, your night guard can last anywhere from six months to as long as 6+ years. That's why it's important to choose the best version of the night guard to properly match your grinding or clenching. As an extra guarantee, if your night guard does wear out within 6 months, the replacement is on us!

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          Great mouth guard

          After going through a number of different brand mouth guards to use while sleeping, this one has been the best. It's comfortable, and fits so well. I even ruined the first mouth guard build, and Chomper promptly send me replacement putty and guard form, so I was easily able to fix my mistake and form a new template of my teeth! Great service!

          Kristin B.
          United States United States

          best experience

          I thought I would give this a try during the pandemic. The whole process was simple and so well-explained. The mouth guard is the same quality as the one from my dentist's office only actually affordable. The fit is perfect.. I got the soft version as I don't grind my teeth, I clench them. I think this will last a long time. I will always use chomper labs for my mouth guards.

          Jill F.
          United States United States

          Great Experience

          The ordering process was easy and quick (about 2 weeks from start to finish).

          Nicole B.
          United States

          Helped Jaw tension

          I am really loving my 2mm soft, it is a perfect fit and already my jaw is starting to feel better. (The 3mm felt a little large to sleep in for my mouth) The staff were also helpful when my package did not arrive by sending me a new mold immediately.

          Kelsey W.
          United States United States

          Great Guard

          I was hesitant to purchase this night guard because I was not sure it would meet my need for the night time teeth grinding that I do. Boy was I wrong. For anyone who was told by their dentist that they needed to pay $600+ for a night guard that only they could make. False. I plan on buying more from Chomper labs. The soft night guard I purchased was EXACTLY what I needed. If you are on the fence do it, it is so worth it!

          Crystal A.
          United States United States


          Had an issue with my first guard not fitting tight. They immediately fixed it and no issues. Nice communication, ease of impressions and fast delivery. Saved a ton of money using this company rather than going through the dentist. Definitely positive. A+++

          Dana G.
          United States United States

          Perfect Fit!

          My night guard came out perfect. It fully covers my teeth without feeling bulky or loose. I adjusted to it the first night and have been super happy!

          Brendon R.
          Canada Canada

          Protects my teeth at night

          Easy to create the mold and send in and the nightguard fit great. I wear it every night. I love that I could pick a soft material. It is soft but still strong. No wear signs and I have been using for 5 months now

          Christine C.
          United States United States

          It's pretty uncomfortable to wear and I find it distracting to sleep with. Then my jaw hurts in the morning. Maybe my night guard is doing what it is suppose to, but the amount of discomfort has discouraged me from using it more than a handful of times.

          Harvey L.
          United States United States

          Chomper Labs

          Sorry to hear this! Night guards can be tricky depending on your natural dentition and even your bite pattern. We'll review your impression again for accuracy and will get in touch with you to see what we can do.


          Really nice

          Perfect fit. Comfortable.

          Ronald S.
          United States United States

          Unfortunately Only So-So

          Night guard work, but… A little bulky actually, would prefer a slimmer version. Also fit is not as tight as I would prefer. Also USPS for shipping was painfully slow. FedEx is much faster & better. On the plus side it’s better that a $400 fit at the dentist.

          A Chomper Labs Customer
          Robert R.
          United States United States

          Love my nightguard!

          I love my nightguard! My nightguard fits perfectly and is made well (by James). Thank you James! The service is great too! Any questions get an immediate response back the same day. The whole process from doing the impression, mailing the impression back to Chomper Labs and the receiving my nightguard was quick. Once I mailed it back, I received my nightguard in 5 days. I will definitely get another nightguard when needed. Happy Customer! Deborah W.

          Deborah W.
          United States United States

          Very satisfied Customer!

          I was very satisfied with the quality of the night guard. I plan to buy some more night guards from Chomper Labs! Nice work!

          Umesh D.
          United States United States

          TWO NightGuards

          I actually have TWO of your NightGuards; a standard (hard) one for my bottom teeth, and a softer, more plyable one that fits my upper teeth. I alternate between the two NightGuards and am very pleased with both of them! ;-)

          ROBERT B.
          United States United States

          Great product

          My night guard fits perfectly and was about a third of the price my dentist quoted. I had no problems getting used to sleeping with it.

          Denise N.
          United States United States

          Thank You

          I wasn’t able to get my night guard from your company. And sent back the kit and got a refund! I’m sorry I didn’t take up the free upper arch you offered me.

          Debra W.
          United States United States

          High on the left back side. Other than that it seems to be working well.

          ANNE L.
          United States United States

          Snug Fit

          Nice mouthguard. The guard fits my teeth perfectly and has never woke me up. Nice gel feeling makes it a comfort to wear.

          Martha D.
          United States United States

          I love it!

          I’m so glad I gave this a try. I have the Soft, and it is great. When I tried other OTC options, it seemed to be messing with my jaw alignment a bit. With this, my bite doesn’t feel “off” when I take it out in the morning, no sore spots in my mouth, and it’s super comfortable to sleep in. It did take me a second try to get my imprint right, but one of the mix containers came open in shipping (lid was off upon arrival) so when I mixed the two mediums together, something was off and the mix was immediately way too hard to bite into. The second try went just fine. I’ll order again when this one is worn out.

          Rachel Y.
          United States United States

          Not Ideal For All

          After multiple tries at creating a proper mold, I never received another kit to try and get a proper impression. Doesn’t seem to be very easy to get a proper impression. Seems like these are only proper for people with a very aligned smile and gum line. Would be nice to not have to wait for a second try, that putty must be extremely pricey to only come with one try. Not a bad product necessarily, but certainly not as easy as described if you have a less than ideal smile. My teeth are not to the point of needing correction, so I was surprised when I couldn’t get a proper mold after two attempts. Best to just visit the dentist after the time and money, again if you have a less than ideal smile. Perfect teeth should be a breeze.

          Dan M.
          United States United States