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Night Guard Fit Review

Night guard not fitting well?

Not to worry, you're covered by our Perfect Fit Promise. We'll make the necessary adjustments or remake it for you until it fits. Firstly, take a look at the FAQ below for some common questions. If you feel like there's an issue, please use the form below to provide feedback and we'll look into it for you.

Quick Q&A

My night guard feels tight

Upon first wear, your night guard should feel fairly snug, but not actively uncomfortable or painful. This is because the night guard is perfectly formed to your exact teeth, accurate to a tenth of a millimeter. Like a good pair of shoes, it should "break in" after wearing for about a week or so once the material has better adapted to your teeth. If it feels severely tight or actively painful, discontinue wear and contact us via the form below.

Why does it not cover my teeth?

Don't worry, this is intentional and is standard practice for all night guards. Having the material bit further away from the gumline allows it to be more comfortable and easier to remove. It should not reach all the way to the gumline, otherwise it would be too tight and very difficult to remove. As long as the material is in between your teeth, it's doing its job in protecting your teeth