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The Soft Night Guard - for light teeth grinders and clenchers

129 reviews
Upper or Lower

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The Soft Night Guard

The Soft night guard is our most comfortable night guard and recommended for those with either light grinding or light to moderate clenching. It's made from a flexible, rubber-like material that's approximately 3mm thick. The softer material acts as an effective cushion for the clenching forces of your teeth and is more comfortable than the Hard and the Hybrid, but not as durable.

What You'll Get 

  • A complete impression kit with instructions and pre-paid return mailer
  • A professionally made custom night guard that fits your teeth perfectly
  • Light blue custom plastic case for your night guard
  • Fast and free all-inclusive 3 way shipping

Our Guarantees

    We're a professional dental lab in Southern California and have 15+ years of combined dental experienceWith us, you'll have:
    • A Perfect Fit Promise - if it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll adjust or remake it for you until it does, free of charge
    • 100 Days / 100 Percent if you don't like the night guard whether for fit or comfort, let us know within 100 days and we'll offer you a refund
    • 6 Months Grind Free Warranty - if you break or grind through your night guard within 6 months of purchase, we'll replace it for you free of charge

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I choose between upper or lower?

        Great question! This is really up to you, and mostly a matter of personal preference.

        Most people find the Upper night guard to be slightly more comfortable since it's less in the way of the tongue. For a better fit, we also recommend choosing the set of teeth that is straighter or has had less dental work done.

        How long does it take to receive my night guard?

        You can generally expect your custom made night guard to land on your doorstep about a week or so after we receive your impression. 

        We take about 2-3 business days to create your night guard and another 3-4 days for shipping. Shipping is free all 3 ways but if you'd like to speed things up, there are faster shipping options at checkout or you can take advantage of the Fast Track option, where we can turnaround your night guard within 24 hours. Please expect minor delays during peak holiday times.

        How long will it last?

        Great question, but tricky to answer. This really depends on how heavily you grind or clench your teeth and which night guard you choose.

        Depending on your level of grinding, your night guard can last anywhere from six months to as long as 6+ years. That's why it's important to choose the best version of the night guard to properly match your grinding or clenching. As an extra guarantee, if your night guard does wear out within 6 months, the replacement is on us!

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          best experience

          I thought I would give this a try during the pandemic. The whole process was simple and so well-explained. The mouth guard is the same quality as the one from my dentist's office only actually affordable. The fit is perfect.. I got the soft version as I don't grind my teeth, I clench them. I think this will last a long time. I will always use chomper labs for my mouth guards.

          Jill F.
          United States United States
          Saved My Jaw

          My dentist would not make me a mouth guard until I got $2k of work done and quoted me $1200 for a mouth guard. Found this product and it saved my jaw!

          Carrie G.
          United States United States
          Life changing!

          My quality of sleep has improved so much after getting my night guard. I've recommended chompers to friends and family. Customer service is also so amazing! My first dental impression was subpar and the CS team gave me great tips on making a successful impression. 10/10, highly recommend, and will continue to do so!

          Kevin H.
          United States United States
          my night guard

          I have been using the night guard for almost 6 months. They are wonderful and work perfectly. Highly recommended.

          Homayoun M.
          United States United States
          Game changer

          So incredibly happy with my night guard! So nice to wake up in the morning without a tight jaw or headaches. A perfect fit and the process was super easy :-). Appreciated the fact that I did not cost me as much as my dentist quoted.

          Carol C.
          United States United States
          Fits well

          I like many things about the chomper. It is soft and covers all my teeth. I'm just not sure if it's doing what I want. I have a molar that continues to be sensitive, even after the dentist said he couldn't find anything. I was hoping the night guard would fix it, I'm not even sure I'm grinding my teeth.. Not the guard's fault.

          A Chomper Labs Customer
          Mary H.
          United States United States
          So far so good

          This is by far the most comfortable mouth guard I’ve had. I haven’t been using it for very long to give the most accurate review, however I have noticed my teeth being less sore in the morning. Also the process of ordering and the fitting was so easy, and very quick delivery.

          Jennifer A.
          United States United States
          Comfortable Mouth Guard

          I got the soft mouthguard and it is so comfortable. It feels like a retainer. It seems pretty durable as well. Very good investment. My TMJ pain has been greatly reduced.

          Claudia Y.
          United States United States
          Teeth don't hurt any more

          I was at my dentist complaining of what i thought was gum sensitivity. My dentist informed me that my gums were fine and that I had small fractures in my enamel that, most likely, were from clenching my teeth while asleep. I've been using my Chomper night guard for about 4 months now and the sensitivity i used to feel every day is now down to 2-3 times a month. Great product!!!

          Jason P.
          United States United States
          Very good at first..

          Tried cleaning it with, I’m assuming too hot water, and it deformed and no longer fits well. Before I deformed it, it was quite good at doing its job and very comfortable, surprisingly, to me.

          christopher a.
          United States United States
          So grateful

          My night guard is wonderful. It has helped ward off those nasty tension headaches I used to get, and I imagine future dental care! $$! I’m so thankful for it and the personable, kind care I’ve received from James and the team. Thank you, thank you God’s many blessings.

          Sarah R.
          United States United States
          Very Happy Customer

          Professional dentist-quality night guard, but no expensive appointment. Way more options than my dentist, I really like how you can customize the thickness and material for different situations. I wear mine every night religiously.

          Ross D.
          United States United States
          Quick and easy

          The whole process was fast, easy and affordable. My night guard fits perfectly!

          Sharon S.
          United States United States
          Good Chompers

          These fit right away. I feel like they are protecting my teeth. Thanks!

          Ann S.
          United States United States
          Highly recommend!

          I'd been dealing with intense pain due to teeth clenching while sleeping. Drugstore variety / DIY mouth guards were always incredibly uncomfortable. Chomper Labs was easy to use, their customer service was terrific, and the night guard is working well! I really don't even notice I'm wearing it.

          Theresa R.
          United States United States
          Night guard

          5 stars: *****!,

          Kathryn N.
          United States United States
          Never getting a night guard at the dentist again!

          I have been using a night guard for years and paying $100-200 each time. Recently, they quoted me $300! So I started looking into other options. Chomperlabs did an amazing job and the fit of my night guard is perfect. I got soft version for my lower teeth. It's as if I had gotten it at my dentist. The only thing is that it took a while to get the night guard (COVID production/shipping delays), so just plan in advance!

          Sue R.
          United States United States
          Better than the dentist, at a third of the cost.

          I bought a pair of chompers about 6 months ago, and they are great. They fit perfectly, they are easily cleaned, and most importantly, they cost about 30% less than the ones I have been buying from my dentist for the past several years.

          Michael A.
          United States United States
          Night guard

          Love my night guard! Fits perfectly! My dentist was going to charge me $400 so the price is great too!!

          Stephanie N.
          United States United States
          Not bad, but not what my dentist recommends

          Challenge here with only the upper is it doesn’t mold to my mouth properly. So I have contact with one side in the back but not the other, and am worried about potential jaw pain from that uneven makeup.

          Matt B.
          United States United States