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Why a Custom Night Guard Might Be the Best Gift

November 19, 2020 3 min read

Why a Custom Night Guard Might Be the Best Gift


What if we told you that one of the most thoughtful gifts is something unexpected and not something you would typically think to give -- a custom night guard for teeth grinding. Okay, hold on, before you call us crazy, hear us out. 

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re probably working through your gift list for this year and might be getting stuck. Everyone wants to give thoughtful gifts to their loved ones, but that can be easier said than done. We’ve got 4 reasons why a custom night guard might be the perfect gift for your loved one this year. 


1. We’re all stressed, now more than ever

One of the top causes of teeth grinding and clenching is stress, and we can confidently say that 2020 has been one of the most universally stressful years for many of us.

Since the start of the pandemic, people around the country have noticed an increase in their teeth grinding, or have started grinding and clenching their teeth for the first time. The increase in teeth grinding and subsequent tooth damage has been so prominent this year that even major news outlets have taken notice. Teeth grinding typically isn’t something that grabs headlines, so you know it's got to be a big deal.

If your loved one is a teeth grinder, chances are it has probably only gotten worse this year, and getting them a custom night guard will help keep their teeth from getting further damaged by anxiety. 


2. It’s the thought that counts

If you’re anything like us, year after year you find yourself in the last minute holiday crunch after holding out for something perfect and thoughtful to give, only to end up frantically grabbing whatever you can get your hands on with the fastest shipping.

It isn’t often that you come across a gift that’s useful, thoughtful, and beneficial to someone’s health, but a custom night guard could be just the thing. Your loved one might really need a custom night guard but not be able to afford the cost from the dentist (typically $400-$700!) and not realize that there’s a better way to get the same quality night guard for much less online.

They’ll be blown away that you noticed and cared about a health problem that affects them every day but typically goes under the radar.


3. From the comfort of home

This year, we’re all staying home much more than usual. But that doesn’t have to affect your gift giving game! Not only can you order your custom night guard gift online, but your loved one can do the entire process, from taking a mold of their teeth to receiving their perfectly fitting night guard, without leaving home. Convenient, safe, and easy!


4. Night guards haven’t been gift worthy...until now!



We know that a custom night guard isn't typically at the top of gift wish lists, but that was before Chomper Labs! 

Your loved one will know they’re getting a thoughtful gift from the moment they open the wrapping paper on their custom impression kit. And after the unwrapping's done, we'll take it from there with our high quality night guards and customer care.

If you’re not sure which night guard to get, you can also opt for a gift card so they can get the night guard that’s just right for them!



Gift giving can be a challenge, but why go with something typical and generic when you can get something unique and truly thoughtful. A Chomper Labs custom night guard could be just the thing to make someone’s holiday brighter and show them that you care about them and their health. Check out all of our options and get one step closer to getting someone a gift they’ll always remember.


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